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Airdrop Q2 2024

We’re running one of the biggest airdrops within the ReFi space. Sign up to ReFi Hub to become eligible.

Rewarding Early Supporters

For a limited amount of time, users who sign up to ReFi Hub will be eligible for an $iRWA token airdrop which represents investments in real-world assets.

Early members will get exclusive access to the best & most lucrative investments.  

You can boost your airdrop rewards by supporting ReFi Hub on Zealy or Discord.

Partners & Community First

Our mission is backed by the support of Community Partners and Coral Tribe.

Proving your involvement with our Partner Communities or holding Coral Tribe assets qualifies you for a higher airdrop allocation.

What is the $iRWA token?

$iRWA (investments in real world assets) - These tokens represent investments in real-world companies to be listed on ReFi Hub, making positive environmental impact.

What kind of businesses will be listed on the ReFi Hub Platform?

Medium sized businesses within sectors such as renewable energy, carbon capture, sustainable BTC mining and responsible consumables. See full impact criteria here.

Can I sell these Tokens on an exchange?

No, $iRWA will not be listed on an exchange.

How can it earn me passive income?

Holders of $iRWAs can claim interest as well as principal investment amounts throughout loan periods. Typically quarterly over the course of 1-2 years.

For example :
For an Airdrop of 1,000 $iRWAs and a 10% yield, a user can claim 10% interest = $100.
• A user can also claim the principal amount = $1,000.
• The total $1,100 is distributed periodically throughout the loan period.

Will I be expected to invest additional money?

No, if you receive an Airdrop you will be able to claim the full amount, without adding any more funds. Although if you wish, you can.

How do I become eligible?

To become eligible sign up for ReFi Hub and KYC.

How long will it take to sing-up, what are the steps?

Singing up takes 2-3 minutes. The steps are simple - a) Connect an EVM wallet. b) Prepare an identity document c) Verify with a selfie.

How do I increase my Airdrop allocation?

Join our Zealy, complete the daily & special missions, and invite your friends.

Hold a Coral Tribe NFT or be part of our Partner communities. Want to become a partner? Submit your community here.